If we could consider both spiritual, scientific and philosophical understandings as our fuel towards the fundamental truth of oneness, we would be able to better acknowledge that there is nothing paranormal in the universe except for the currently limited understanding of nature—what man thinks to know on earth is just a teeny tiny drop in the ocean of knowledge.

The ability to keep an open mind about our nature is a prerequisite to conscious expansion, although the whole affair can get rather convoluted if we are expected to hold opinions on every matter we encounter. Whether we are coaxed to be against or for an argument, be believers or non-believers, we are habitually summoned by our exterior reality to choose a side of a fence. When there’s so much out there for us to process on a daily basis, it becomes easier and less frightening to pull blanket decisions and call it a day.

Unfortunately without individual scrutiny we risk falling into the close-minded wardrobe where torpid thoughts and stuffy air become the invisible plateaus on our journey. Ego loves it in there—with no adversary to challenge his steady inflation, the nurture of his illusory existence becomes effortless.

By turning close-mindedness (fear of change and the seeming lack of control) into skepticism, we cast personal fear of the unknown aside and allow acumen into the equation—we give a chance to what could be based on the open curiosity of our being but tread cautiously on new ground.

In a world with no assurances, healthy skepticism becomes our faithful protector. I say healthy, because in light of demanding to see supporting facts and evidence for a claim, the conscious skeptic knows that in order for a fundamental truth to slot into place, the mind must first connect with the heart—the quest to reach tangible and self-developmental evidence is one that is bestowed unto the individual only.

As we let our hearts speak louder and clearer, we allow the intellectual game to be paused for a moment and intuition unfold at last.