The average human being has around 50 to 70 thousand thoughts every day, with 90% of them being the exact same ones we had the day before, and the day before then.

By the time we reach adulthood, the subconscious programming that started since we were children, becomes self-controlling and almost completely self-launching. Everything that happens to us now becomes automatically categorized against our already-wired neurons—this means that most of us aren’t actually living a life where we create from the present moment, we live in the past, recreating the same things over and over again.

Years of habitual thinking patterns and behaviours, have conditioned our bodies to become the unconscious mind, wholly identifying ourselves with the story of our thoughts. The emotions from our past experiences give our bodies and brains a rush of energy which we over time get addicted to receiving and we gravitate towards whatever feels subconsciously familiar to us.

So if disappointment for example, is the program we’ve subconsciously set to operate after, disappointment will feel right in our bodies (which are our emotions) and we will subconsciously seek opportunities and scenarios to make that program valid and working.

We can take physical actions like changing our job, the country that we live in, and perhaps even our partners, but in the end, if the programming is overlooked, whatever comes next will most likely be the exact same thing under a different disguise.

And we can usually resonate with these type of thoughts on a theoretical level, but then the excuses tend to come barging in….

Yeah but that’s who I am, or I’m too old I can’t change that now, it’s too late

But the truth is that, thanks to neuroplasticity, we are in effect able to change our thinking process, old habits and patterns can be broken down and remodelled—all we need to do is to invite self awareness into the equation and find the courage to dive deep.

Because even though those neurons are hard wired, the synaptic connections can be pruned and rewired for something that actually serves us beneficially.

When we have the awareness of the thoughts that we are thinking and of the emotions that often rule us from our past conditioning, we take the first step towards reclaiming the power that we as powerful creators have to build a life we actually like and deeply resonate with.  

So step 1 is to become aware of our mind’s software, because chances are that we’re running on a very old and obsolete version, and most likely have a few viruses in there too.

And to put it into context, this is how it works in a neuroscientific context….

When we are born our brains are in delta state, which means that our subconscious minds are completely open and receptive to our surroundings without filters.

This is when our programming begins. Everything that surrounds us at this stage is carefully registered and stored in the marvel of our subconscious and then later reaffirmed as we build our reality

By the time we’re 4 years of age, we enter the Theta state which is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, this is where we consciously are able to rewire the brain. While in theta state, the mind is able to undergo profound healing and alter our current conditions.  

By year 8, we enter into alpha which for us adults is a receptive and very relaxed state of mind. While in Alpha state, our minds are mostly clear of unwanted thoughts and we’re more connected with our creativity.  This is said to be an ideal mental state as it enables a so called relaxed alertness where we are more in peace with our surroundings and the present moment…it’s what we also call being in the flow.

After Alpha we enter the Beta state which is where the analytical mind resides.

Beta waves helps us engage in problem solving and decision making. We become attentive and focused at the situation at hand, although the fast mental activity is also associated with anxiety and depression, for when our minds are sprinting, we are more likely to get stuck in a rut and become prone to those repetitive negative thinking patterns.

Everything that has conditioned our brains through our formative years, still makes the underpinnings of who we are today, and without awareness, many of those habitual beliefs are still stealing the floor of our current reality.

But what makes it even trickier, is that thanks to our increasingly busy lives, most of us live in a perpetual high stress frequency with stress hormones constantly rushing to our brains, and when we are in this modality we’re almost always in a fight or flight response, our entire focus is outside of ourselves.  When our reptilian brain is activated, it isn’t time to be creating, we are in survival mode. We’re not connected to our intuition and subconscious awareness because when the body has become the mind, everything that happens to you is an entirely automatic response to your programming.  

The easiest way to change our current thoughts and emotions is to enter the frequency that can facilitate this, which is theta. And meditation is the taxi that can get us there.

For when we enter a deep meditative state, we temporarily disengage the analytical mind and allow ourselves to observe. We don’t get involved with our emotions and feelings, instead we dis-identify ourselves from who we think we are and take a spectators viewpoint, we remove all labels such as gender, status, race, beliefs, and go back to our true state of consciousness. We go into a neutral and visual mode where the mind reaches a deeper state of awareness and see the bigger picture of what is going on.

And once we practice this frequently, we are able to condition our brains and bodies to think and behave according to the new blueprints that we choose to implement.

In neuroscientific terms, neurons that fire together, wire together. This means that when we are thinking and feeling the same responses over and over again, we create new neural pathwaysWe meditate to enter a certain state to build a new foundation for our thoughts, but in Beta as well, when we are conscious and alert, we reinforce those circuits in order to see lasting results. Just like when we go to the gym to build muscles, we repeat the exercise over and over again.

Only….the difference here is that we don’t really have the luxury to slot mental rewiring into a set portion of our day, we need to channel our awareness towards all the thoughts that we are having, not just the very loud ones that stick out.

Because most of our programmed thoughts are incredibly subtle when they come through, and so automatic that they’re almost only felt with our feelings instead of our minds, so we need to be extra vigilant and literally catch them in the act.

In the end, what’s important is to accept the thoughts that we’re having, negative or positive for when we hate a thought we give energy to it which is only reinforcing the battle.